1000 Cranes – Action shots

I haven’t updated my blog since my wedding – but I wanted to share what the cranes looked like in action all hung from the Picnic Shelter with care.  For those who are doing this: figure out how to transport these things so they won’t get tangled, because trust me: they will want to tangle, they WILL tangle, and it will take you FOREVER to untangle them.  It’s not fun.  Taping them to cardboard seemed to work OK for me, after we untangled them the first time.



I’m still here.. and still planning (just not posting)

I’ve been crazy busy lately and working on origami lilies like crazy so I can make my bouquet and finish up the centerpieces.  I haven’t been posting updates since I’ve been trying to actually accomplish stuff instead of writing about it, but I’ll try to sit down and write updates on my invitations (SENT), my thank you cards that are in the progress of being made, the stringing of the cranes, the guestbook I purchased, and everything else I’ve done that hasn’t made it onto the blog yet.

For now, here is a teaser post about my centerpieces.  I spray painted most of the bottles (I think I have 10 painted) and have started filling them with flowers.  I still have about a bajillion lilies I need to fold and I need to paint a few more bottles, but I’m pretty happy with how they are turning out.

One of each colored centerpiece vase.


Bouquet and/or Centerpiece Origami Lily Flowers (progress)

So I was lurking around Offbeat Bride, as I often do, and decided to post an update about my finished 1,000 Origami Cranes.  A fellow member posted on my update and so I checked out her updates and saw the most lovely bouquet of origami lilies and fell in LOVE so I decided I had to try to make one!  I made a single lily and it was relatively easy and didn’t take a horribly long time so I decided to make a ton of multi-colors and see if I could at least use them in the centerpieces if they didn’t work out as a bouquet.  I’m still undecided on if they will be a bouquet(s) and/or centerpiece flowers, but I decided I’m going to make as many as possible and then decide later!

The "vase" is one of my unpainted centerpiece bottles that will be painted after it finally warms up outside!


1000 Cranes – DONE!!!

We have officially made 1000 cranes!

So many colors!

The box is chock-a-block FULL of cranes!


36 Gold Cranes



Checked another thing off my to-do list… another thing that wasn’t necessary. I’m not sure why I’ve been working on the things that aren’t necessary and ignoring everything that actually needs to get done. Probably because this is way more fun!

Halloween Bubbles - 20 cents a pack!

I bought bubbles after Halloween at Walmart when I saw they were 90% off. I bought 10 packs, so 150 bubbles for $2 TOTAL (20 cents each)!! Heck of a deal! I thought they looked a little plain by themselves, so I decided to tie some ribbon with our logo on them. It was pretty simple and relatively quick (okay, it took me like 3 hours.. but I was distracted by the internet and my cats a bit…).


Personalized Cocktail Napkins

Since I’m trying to save money on the wedding, I’m trying to personalize as much as possible so it doesn’t seem like everything is cheap and potentially tacky.  I also refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for something that is personalized when I can easily take the time and do it myself (with help of family members and friends).

I want personalized cocktail napkins, at least for the dessert/candy buffet.  I think it would be a cute addition to the table and I found some online tutorials to easily do it myself.  After I find some affordable napkins, I’ll purchase them and then find the best way to personalize them to get the look that I want.


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