8-bit Bouquet

My fiance and I are a little bit of gamer nerds and we both grew up playing Nintendo and other games, so I am thinking of a tasteful way of bringing in our gamerness to our wedding (hey, it’s our wedding and we should get to bring a little bit of “us” into it!).  I’ve been obsessed with Offbeat Bride since I came across it a few months ago and I found this bride’s post about their 8-bit wedding.  I think her bouquet is awesome but I’m not sure if our guests would really understand what it is.  It’s just another idea.  I could also incorporate similar 8-bit flowers into table centerpieces or other decorations, but it’s also a fun idea for a bouquet.

Regardless of what I decide to do, I want it to be unique and “me.”  I don’t want boring flowers that everyone has at their wedding or something that I don’t want to hold onto forever.


Christmas Ornament Bouquet

I’m a fan of having a non-flower bouquet, at least a non REAL flower bouquet.  Real flowers will die and wilt and I want something that will last forever and that I can make ahead of time and not have to stress out shortly before the ceremony to pull it together.  I definitely don’t want to buy one, so I’ve been looking at some different ideas of how I can make my own and I came across this idea from a bride with a tasteful colorful wedding.

The bride has a bouquet made from Christmas Ornaments (the colorful glass balls) and the bridemaids have bouquets made from paper flowers.  I love both of the ideas and I think they look great!

I want a colorful bouquet but not something that looks like it belongs at a rave so the Christmas ornament bouquet is idea number one, but I’m going to keep looking for additional ideas.  If I decide to make a bouquet similar to this, I want to add a little more to it so it’s not just the ornaments, but I’m not really sure what.  I don’t want to make an exact replica of this bride’s bouquet but I like the idea.

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