Bouquets are DONE

Hooray I finished the bouquets!  I added a little bit of bling because I promised my Maid of Honor she can have some bling (I also used boring normal pins on theirs so I needed to cover them up, I bought the pearl-ended pins for mine).  My dress has a lot of sparkly stuff anyways, so I left mine simple.

Bridesmaid bouquets



Bouquet and/or Centerpiece Origami Lily Flowers (progress)

So I was lurking around Offbeat Bride, as I often do, and decided to post an update about my finished 1,000 Origami Cranes.  A fellow member posted on my update and so I checked out her updates and saw the most lovely bouquet of origami lilies and fell in LOVE so I decided I had to try to make one!  I made a single lily and it was relatively easy and didn’t take a horribly long time so I decided to make a ton of multi-colors and see if I could at least use them in the centerpieces if they didn’t work out as a bouquet.  I’m still undecided on if they will be a bouquet(s) and/or centerpiece flowers, but I decided I’m going to make as many as possible and then decide later!

The "vase" is one of my unpainted centerpiece bottles that will be painted after it finally warms up outside!


Feather Bouquets

While I’m posting about Bouquet Ideas, I’ll add a quick post about feather bouquets.  These are also amazing!  I don’t think they fit in the style with my wedding but they look AWESOME so I had to share!

All of these photos are from so click on any of them to check out their website.

Elegant Black and White. Love it!


Bead Bouquet Idea

LOVE this! Click on image to be directed to Etsy seller.

Love love love!

I just had to make a quick post to say how much I LOVE this bouquet!  It’s not within my budget but OMG I LOVE IT!!

My first DIY/kusudama

Single Flowers from Folding Trees. I'll upload my photos into the post later.

My first DIY project I started a couple of weeks ago was to start making kusudama out of recycled magazine pages.  It’s relatively easy to do, gives me something to preoccupy myself with while I’m watching t.v. and it’s FREE since I have everything already.  It’s also “green” and eco-conscious since I am reusing something that would potentially end up in the trash anyways.  I know I can recycle magazines, but I prefer to UP-cycle and reuse things instead since a lot of energy goes into recycling.


Christmas Ornament Bouquet – Option 2

I stumbled across another Christmas ornament bouquet and I love this one even more than the first!

Seriously those are AMAZING!  I would love to have one for me that has my wedding colors (maybe red and aqua/blue? or orange too?) and then have my bridesmaids have the full colors.  Love love love!

Best part of all? Offbeat Bride has a tutorial! It even has LED lights in it! Ahhh Love it!!!!

Sparkly Crystal Bouquet

Yet another bouquet.. sparkly crystals! I like the idea of this bouquet, but I think it’s a little too plain. I want something with a bit more color! I think it would work well to put the crystals within another bouquet, to sprinkle them in with some flowers or Christmas Ornaments or whatever I choose to do. I need a little sparkly bling on my big day (aside from my ring, obviously). More

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