My DIY Project List

I need to get a bit more organized and focus on what DIY projects need to be done so I can get a jump on the projects that can I can start ahead of time.  I’ve made a list of my DIY project to-do list below.  I’ve decided to just sort them alphabetically since I’m not sure which projects I need to start first.

  • 1000 Origami Cranes.  See inspiration here.  See progress here.
  • Altar/Arch/Trellis thing.
  • Blank CDs for guest to mail us photos.
  • Bouquets. (DONE!) See project here
  • Boutonnieres.  See inspiration here.
  • Cake Pops
  • Candy Buffet.
  • Card Box. (DONE!) See project here.
  • Cupcakes? (I might bake/decorate myself with help, but not sure yet).
  • Cupcake Toppers.
  • Dessert Buffet Trays.
  • Garter (maybe… I don’t even want to do the garter toss so I might omit it!).
  • Guest Book.  See inspiration here. – Purchased.
  • Headpiece/Veil. – Purchased
  • Invitations.  See progress here.
  • iPod Playlist.
  • Lighting.  See inspiration here.
  • Kid Activity Book. These are done, will need to add a post later.
  • Kusudama Flowers.  See inspiration and my progress here. – Decided to go with Origami Lilies instead.
  • Mini-Candy Bar Labels. – These are done, will need to add a post later.
  • Origami Lilies
  • Overall Centerpieces (including the Vases). See progress here.
  • Painted Flower Vase Centerpieces.  See progress here.
  • Programs. (DONE!)  See project here.
  • Photobooth.  See inspiration here.
  • Photo Share Cards.  See inspiration here. – These are done, will make a post later.
  • Personalized Napkins. (DONE!)  See project here.
  • Pew/Chair Decorations. – Not doing.
  • Personalized Bubbles. (DONE!) See project here.

I’ll update the list as I get projects finished up and cross them off the list (and add links so you can see my projects!).  I’m sure there will also be things that I decide to not do as I run out of time or if I remove them from the priority list.

Is there anything obvious that I’m missing?

*DIY means do-it-yourself


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