I bought my shoes!

Sparkly/shiny Chucks!



Shoes (a few offbeat options)

I’m not really a girly girl and I don’t consider myself a shoe girl.  I do like shoes and have quite a few pair, but I don’t have a million nice dressy shoes that I can pick out my wedding shoes from since I like my shoes to be very comfortable that I can wear all day and walk miles in.  I want the shoes that I buy for my wedding day to be shoes that are comfortable and that I will wear again pretty frequently after the wedding.  I don’t want to spend $50 or more on shoes that I will wear once and that will kill my feet during the wedding.  I plan on wearing a long dress anyways, so nobody is really going to even see them anyways!

Let’s look at some alternatives to fancy high-heeled wedding shoes.  These are pretty offbeat options, but I think they will suit me better than some pretty heels that destroy my feet.  This is just the first round of ideas that I’ve bookmarked from random internet browsing.