Program Fans

Okay so this definitely deserves a longer post on how I did it and so I can do the cost breakdown, but I’ll stick with mostly photos for now.  My programs fan out, and thanks to my family and friends I was able to bang them out in a day!  I also “made” the basket holder by using an old wicker-type basket that came with a bath set and putting a fabric napkin (purchased from Target) over it and tying it down with ribbon so you can’t see the purple underneath.

Programs in their basket



Program Fan Trial and Error

… but mostly error so far.

I fell in love with the idea of having some sort of fans at my wedding since it will be in July and the ceremony is outdoors so it could be hot.  Unlikely since it’s on the coast, but stranger weather-related things have happened.  Another must-have for my ceremony is maps/directions to get to the reception.  Mainly for out-of-towners, but it’s about a 20 minute drive so I want to make sure my guests make it there alright.