Photo Share

The plan is to have my younger cousin be our wedding photographer. Before you scream “YIKES” I’ll note that he is a semi-professional and had his own photography business until recently. I think he basically lost his love of taking photos since dealing with bitchy brides who want their photos NOW can get pretty stressful. I’ve seen his photos and know he will do a good job and since he’s family, I’m guessing he’ll cut us a good deal. To make sure he can enjoy himself at our wedding also, I’m trying to determine whether or not we should hire a second photographer. I also don’t want to make him feel like we don’t think he will do a good job, because I’m confident he will, I just don’t want him to feel like he has to only be a “photographer” for the night and not be our guest also. I don’t know if I have the budget to hire another photographer either.  I’ve looked at some other options to get candid shots of my guests throughout the night. More