1000 Cranes – Action shots

I haven’t updated my blog since my wedding – but I wanted to share what the cranes looked like in action all hung from the Picnic Shelter with care.  For those who are doing this: figure out how to transport these things so they won’t get tangled, because trust me: they will want to tangle, they WILL tangle, and it will take you FOREVER to untangle them.  It’s not fun.  Taping them to cardboard seemed to work OK for me, after we untangled them the first time.



1000 Cranes – DONE!!!

We have officially made 1000 cranes!

So many colors!

The box is chock-a-block FULL of cranes!


36 Gold Cranes


810 Cranes!

Yeah, you read that right!  I have 810 cranes done!  Sorry I haven’t had an update before now, but the crane project has mostly taken a back burner lately and aside from making 150 in one sitting with my dad and stepmom, I’ve just been making them here and there instead of focusing on getting them done.  At first I was trying to hurry up and get them done before the start of the new year, but then I realized I have quite a few months so there’s no rush to get them done.  I have more pressing things that need to get done before these little cranes.


70 Origami Cranes

70 mini cranes DONE! Sorry for another low-resolution image, I STILL can't find my camera battery charger!


1000 Origami Cranes – Number One


First phone blog post so we will see how it goes! I have some small 2.5 inch square colored copy paper so I decided to start practicing making origami cranes. I’ve attached a photo of the first attempt. Since the paper is so small it was difficult and the crane is only about an inch large (each square on my mat is one inch.. for scale in the photo). I definitely need a lot more practice and this is going to take forever! Good thing I bought real origami paper that should be easier to fold.