Remember my Personalized Bubbles?  Now they have a home!  I used a fabric napkin, an old metal basket that was probably from another bath gift set, and tied it down so it won’t fly away.  Now I just have to figure out where to put them






Checked another thing off my to-do list… another thing that wasn’t necessary. I’m not sure why I’ve been working on the things that aren’t necessary and ignoring everything that actually needs to get done. Probably because this is way more fun!

Halloween Bubbles - 20 cents a pack!

I bought bubbles after Halloween at Walmart when I saw they were 90% off. I bought 10 packs, so 150 bubbles for $2 TOTAL (20 cents each)!! Heck of a deal! I thought they looked a little plain by themselves, so I decided to tie some ribbon with our logo on them. It was pretty simple and relatively quick (okay, it took me like 3 hours.. but I was distracted by the internet and my cats a bit…).