Posting again – and Kid Favors

Okay so I have been MIA from here, but I decided to come back and post short posts about what I’m up to and I can follow up with longer posts after the wedding.  Things have been so hectic, but I have gotten a lot done.  I’ll post a few mostly photo posts to give you an idea of what I’ve been up to, in no particular order.

Less than two weeks!!!

First up is the Kid Favors.  We thought it would be a cute idea to have bags of little toys to keep kids busy.  They have miscellaneous dollar-store toys for both boys and girls and don’t really have anything too exciting in them, but hopefully the kids will like them.  I made around 15, just in case some adults decide to grab them also, but I only expect around 10 kids or so.

Kid Favor Bags

Ignore the mess


Detail photo of tag


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