DIY Invitations v2


Front of invitation

My DIY envelope. Yes, the paper is shiny!!! (and I made it myself)

Invitation version 2 with the bottom fanned out.

Invitation with bottom closed up

Close up of the bright blue eyelet!

I'm using a different graphic for the top. My printer smudged it a bit though so I need to figure out the correct setting.

This is just a quick post to document my invitation version 2 before I put together version 3 tonight (it’s going to be a long night… ugh).  I need to add RSVP Info and I think I’m going to remove the map.  I’m assuming anyone coming to the wedding will be able to find it or at least map quest it before they leave and I’m trying to hopefully keep it under 1 oz so I can get away with a normal stamp.

I made the envelope by using a scoring board thing I bought (I’ll have to post pix later) and it’s really thick paper.  The invitations weighed in my office are right at 1 oz so I might need to find lighter weight paper so it can nudge right under 1 oz.  I don’t mean to be THAT cheap, but if it’s seriously that close…

I’ll hopefully post pix of invitation v3 (hopefully FINAL) tomorrow.  I’m hoping to finish it up tonight so I can mail it to my bridesmaid and have her review it 😀 I’ll also have to get my mom and MOH to approve.

Off to make another invitation!


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