Mock Invitations – Trial 1

I made my first mock invitation and overall it was a success!  I am super excited with how this turned out and although it definitely needs some tweaking and word smithing, I am HAPPY happy happy that I’ve finalized my invitation style with just one draft.

The bottom part fans out with an eyelet for the pivot point.

The invitations with the bottom fan closed!

Front of the invitations (the outside of the card). I am loving the simplicity!

My inspiration came from someone on Weddingbee who used this style for her wedding programs but I fell in love with how hers turned out and decided to try them for invitations.  I showed it to my fiance and he agreed that these would be awesome and since I had basically everything on hand already (aside from the string), why not at least give it a shot?!

I created the template in Photoshop from scratch but it was simple since I used an 8.5″ x 11″ paper folded in half for the black card.  I’m definitely not using a white eyelet on the final invitations.. I think I’ll go with the turquoise so we have the bright blue with the muted orange.  I’m also not 100% set with what I have as the fold outs since I think I might need to add directions to get TO the ceremony and not just the reception, but I wanted to see if the eyelet could hold that many sheets of paper and we are good to go if I need to add one or two more.  I’ll do a separate RSVP card that I have yet to even think about.

These invitations aren’t too expensive and I’ll need to double check the size before I make the finals to see if I can keep it under the size/weight restrictions for a normal 44 cent stamp.  Yes, I’m THAT cheap that I don’t want to pay more for postage on my invites.

I’ll do a final cost breakdown when I make the final invites, but I used 3 pieces of paper to make these, 1 eyelet, a chunk of string, and glue dots to hold it all together.  I believe I purchased the orange and cream paper for $0.39 each at Paper Zone, but I’ll get it a bit cheaper when I buy a whole ream.

Oh.. and did I mention the paper has a shimmer?!  It would probably be cheaper to go with a different paper, but I am in LOVE with this paper so I don’t think I can use a flat paper just to save a few bucks since I  know how awesome this paper looks.

I’m excited to finalize the wording and buy my envelopes so I can start popping these babies out!  (Definitely going to buy/make the envelopes before the invites because if they don’t fit in a normal envelope I don’t want to spend days searching for envelopes that will fit.)

Wooo!  Step 1 of making invitations is done!  I’ll probably post a step-by-step process when I start the final invites.

Sorry if this post is all over the place.  It’s way past my bedtime but I just finished the invitation and wanted to get it posted since I’m so excited about it!

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