36 Gold Cranes

I received my Origami Order today from Origami Corner today and since it was on sale, I bought a pack of gold foil paper to just try it out.  After making one crane I fell in love with the gold!  It’s unique and I think they will look amazing sprinkled in with our bright colors.  Unfortunately there were only 36 pieces of paper in the pack so I wish I would have at least ordered two, but I’ll definitely pick up some additional foil paper if I find some for cheap.

We have decided to hang our cranes up randomly without any pattern, so it will look awesome to have only a few that glimmer in the sunlight.  I’m really excited to see these hanging up in the sun!

They are sitting in a glass jar for storage (our house is going to be full of cranes in vases as decoration!)

These ones are slightly larger than the other origami paper. Each square is an inch on my cutting mat.

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