810 Cranes!

Yeah, you read that right!  I have 810 cranes done!  Sorry I haven’t had an update before now, but the crane project has mostly taken a back burner lately and aside from making 150 in one sitting with my dad and stepmom, I’ve just been making them here and there instead of focusing on getting them done.  At first I was trying to hurry up and get them done before the start of the new year, but then I realized I have quite a few months so there’s no rush to get them done.  I have more pressing things that need to get done before these little cranes.

Sitting in little bins so they don't get dusty.

There are around 300 in each bin. The top is the regular copy paper cranes and the bottom ones were made with actual origami paper.

Copy paper cranes. They were more difficult to fold than the origami paper cranes.

The origami paper came in some awesome colors - this is just a small range.

I put some cranes in a glass vase for storage. I think this looks amazing and if I have cranes leftover that I'm not going to hang, this is how they will be displayed!

It actually hasn’t been that painful or stressful making most of these.  I’m glad I decided to just work on it casually instead of trying to get it all done in one sitting.  Making the cranes isn’t stressful and it’s actually quite relaxing.  I’m not stressing about hurrying up to get 1000 done so when I’m working on them I can just clear my mind and enjoy making them.  It’s a way to relax and still be working on wedding stuff.

I’m very glad I decided to undertake this project and although for Senbazuru you only need to fold 1000, I think we are just going to keep folding until the wedding so we will end up with way over 1000 just to make sure our decorations look nice and full and not weak.  Surprisingly, at 800 cranes, it doesn’t look like that many.  I have a pretty big picnic shelter to decorate and although I haven’t calculated how many cranes I need, I have a feeling it will be a lot more than 1000.  I’ll keep posting my progress up until the wedding and try to give a final total of how many we had at the wedding.

If you’re going to do this for your wedding, I highly recommend starting EARLY and try to use it as a relaxing/meditating tool to just clear your mind and focus on the folding instead of the million other wedding things you have to get done.  If you rush to try to get it done, you’re going to stress yourself out more and then start to hate these little birds.

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