Program Fan Trial and Error

… but mostly error so far.

I fell in love with the idea of having some sort of fans at my wedding since it will be in July and the ceremony is outdoors so it could be hot.  Unlikely since it’s on the coast, but stranger weather-related things have happened.  Another must-have for my ceremony is maps/directions to get to the reception.  Mainly for out-of-towners, but it’s about a 20 minute drive so I want to make sure my guests make it there alright.

I don’t really need a program since I have a small wedding party and I don’t think we’re doing anything out of the ordinary for the ceremony (BUT I’M NOT SURE YET SINCE I HAVEN’T FINALIZED MY CEREMONY *mini panic attack because I have so much to do!*) so I plan on mostly having directions in the wedding “program” and a list of thank-yous.

I definitely plan on making these myself since they aren’t a necessity so I can’t justify spending the cash on having them made.  They seem simple enough and if I keep them short and sweet they should be relatively inexpensive to produce.

Fail fan 1 opened

Fail fan 1 closed

The first trial was on cardstock paper but I still don’t think it’s thick enough since it’s pretty floppy.  The embossing didn’t work for the front stamp and half of the ink fell off.  It’s difficult to see, but I have the mapquest map on one of the fans and tried to emboss the path in bright blue.  I used a glue pen with embossing powder and it turned out way too thick and messy looking.  I used a 1/8 ” eyelet to secure them, which wasn’t quite long enough and I didn’t have the right tool to close it so it turned out messy.  The shape was also very difficult to cut evenly and make it all look uniform.  Ugh… all in all, not happy with how this turned out at all.  I am falling more in love with our little logo and the font I selected though.

Fail fan 2

The second fan was attempted tonight.  I just used plain copy paper so I can cheaply try a new shape out.  I bought regular blue ink for the stamp, which worked a LOT better.  I used the 1/8″ eyelets again and secured them too tight so it was really difficult to open up the pages.  I made a new template in photoshop from scratch this time and this shape was a lot easier to cut out and make uniform with the straight bottom and simple curve on top.  I also put blue and orange ribbon at the bottom and I think i like that better than just the orange.

So I’m progressively getting better, but I think I’m going to get larger eyelets or just practice with setting them a bit more so I can make it so it’s not too tight and looks good.

Hopefully the next one will be a success!

Has anyone done this before or maybe something similar?  Do you have any tips?

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