Checked another thing off my to-do list… another thing that wasn’t necessary. I’m not sure why I’ve been working on the things that aren’t necessary and ignoring everything that actually needs to get done. Probably because this is way more fun!

Halloween Bubbles - 20 cents a pack!

I bought bubbles after Halloween at Walmart when I saw they were 90% off. I bought 10 packs, so 150 bubbles for $2 TOTAL (20 cents each)!! Heck of a deal! I thought they looked a little plain by themselves, so I decided to tie some ribbon with our logo on them. It was pretty simple and relatively quick (okay, it took me like 3 hours.. but I was distracted by the internet and my cats a bit…).

Separating the packs by color

I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with the blue or purple bubbles.  I have 30 of each and I’m not going to use them.  If anyone needs them, let me know!  Otherwise they’ll probably sit on my shelf until I dump them at Goodwill or something.

Sheet of cardstock ready to be punched

I picked up a couple sheets of cardstock from our local craft store and printed out our logo using our home printer.  I worked it out for another project to maximize the amount of logos I could fit on a page so all I had to do this time around was hit print!  I think I fit 63 logos on a page so there wasn’t too much waste.

Punched and ready to go!

I used a 1″ circle punch and 1/8″ punch that I already had so I didn’t have to purchase special for this project.  This actually didn’t take as long as it looks.

Ready to assemble!

I created an assembly line to try to speed things up.  If you do this project, make sure you double check your length of ribbon.  I made a few just barely long enough and it was a hassle to try to tie the ribbon.  It’s much easier to make the ribbon too long and trim it down after it’s all tied.  (Our colors are orange and turquoise.. if you couldn’t tell.)

The finished product!

And voila!  It’s as easy as putting the ribbon through the hole in the tag and double knot the ribbon.  I toyed with the idea of tying it into a bow but I wasn’t a fan of how it looked.  I liked it simple with just straight bits of excess ribbon.

Back in the packaging

To make for easy transportation and storage, I put them back in the original plastic packaging so they don’t roll around and crush the tags.  I’m still not sure how I’ll display them at the wedding, but this should keep them safe until then.

White bubbles

I used blue and orange ribbon for the white bubbles so it has both our wedding colors.  It seemed silly to put orange and blue ribbon on the orange bubbles, so they only have blue.  I wasn’t sure if I liked these as much at first, but now I think I like them better than the orange ones!

White bubbles packed up

After all is said and done, I have 4 packages of the orange bubbles and 2 of the white bubbles, which means 60 orange and 30 white.

Cost breakdown:

10 packs of 15 bubbles: $2 for all (I caught them at 90% off after Halloween!!!)
Ribbon: On sale at Michael’s for 3/$1: $1 (and I still have some left.  I used one full blue roll and a little over half of the orange and maybe a quarter of the 2nd blue roll.)
Paper: Used 2 sheets at 3/$1: $0.67
Total Cost: $3.67
I already had the 1″ punch and the 1/8″ hole punch.

Since I only used the Orange and white, I made 90 of these babies. That made them 4 cents each! I believe I’ve seen packs of the slender tubes at Walmart for $15 for 100, which would be 15 cents each, so I got a heck of a deal by picking up the Halloween bubbles and making them work for us.

A completely unnecessary project done, but I’m excited with how they turned out.  At least I can check something else off my to-do list since I didn’t accomplish anything else wedding related this weekend.

I tried making a fan program this weekend but it was pretty much a fail so I’m not going to even blog about it.  I’m trying to make the ones with an eyelet that expand, not just paper on a stick.  I think I could accomplish gluing paper on a stick without too much fail.. which it may boil down to if I can’t get the eyelet ones to work.  I just didn’t use thick enough paper so you can’t really fan yourself and my eyelets aren’t long enough and I tried embossing two pages (one with a stamp, the other using a glue pen) and the stamp one lost about half the embossing powder and the glue made it too thick and blobby.  Ugh.. I’m not too great at the paper crafting but hopefully I’ll get better!


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