Mock Invitations – Trial 1

I made my first mock invitation and overall it was a success!  I am super excited with how this turned out and although it definitely needs some tweaking and word smithing, I am HAPPY happy happy that I’ve finalized my invitation style with just one draft.

The bottom part fans out with an eyelet for the pivot point.

The invitations with the bottom fan closed!

Front of the invitations (the outside of the card). I am loving the simplicity!



36 Gold Cranes


810 Cranes!

Yeah, you read that right!  I have 810 cranes done!  Sorry I haven’t had an update before now, but the crane project has mostly taken a back burner lately and aside from making 150 in one sitting with my dad and stepmom, I’ve just been making them here and there instead of focusing on getting them done.  At first I was trying to hurry up and get them done before the start of the new year, but then I realized I have quite a few months so there’s no rush to get them done.  I have more pressing things that need to get done before these little cranes.


Program Fan Trial and Error

… but mostly error so far.

I fell in love with the idea of having some sort of fans at my wedding since it will be in July and the ceremony is outdoors so it could be hot.  Unlikely since it’s on the coast, but stranger weather-related things have happened.  Another must-have for my ceremony is maps/directions to get to the reception.  Mainly for out-of-towners, but it’s about a 20 minute drive so I want to make sure my guests make it there alright.


I bought my shoes!

Sparkly/shiny Chucks!



Checked another thing off my to-do list… another thing that wasn’t necessary. I’m not sure why I’ve been working on the things that aren’t necessary and ignoring everything that actually needs to get done. Probably because this is way more fun!

Halloween Bubbles - 20 cents a pack!

I bought bubbles after Halloween at Walmart when I saw they were 90% off. I bought 10 packs, so 150 bubbles for $2 TOTAL (20 cents each)!! Heck of a deal! I thought they looked a little plain by themselves, so I decided to tie some ribbon with our logo on them. It was pretty simple and relatively quick (okay, it took me like 3 hours.. but I was distracted by the internet and my cats a bit…).


Personalized napkins… DONE!

The personalized napkins are DONE!