70 Origami Cranes

70 mini cranes DONE! Sorry for another low-resolution image, I STILL can't find my camera battery charger!

So the project of 1000 Cranes started last Friday and I’m up to 70 cranes!  I’m currently using 2.5″x2.5″ colored copy paper (I believe it’s 24 lb) and realized that it’s not the best paper to be using for the mini cranes, or really any cranes, if I want them to look really good.  Most of the heads end up looking squished and a little deformed since the paper is thick and a little difficult to fold perfectly.  I think after they are all strung up, nobody will notice the imperfections in each individual crane so I have decided to keep on keepin on with the small copy paper until my 3″x3″ origami paper arrives.  I also tried making a crane with 4.25″x4.25″ copy paper and surprisingly it was more difficult than the smaller paper.  It also didn’t help that I didn’t cut it perfectly so it wasn’t quite a perfect square.

My goal is to finish by January 01, 2011 and if I want to reach that goal, I need to meet the following deadlines:

1000 cranes / 7 weeks left = 142.9 cranes a week.

930 cranes (1000 cranes – 70 already made) / 46 days left = 20.2 cranes a day.

Yikes that’s a lot of cranes!  Seeing as I have a full time job, a house to take care of, and a wedding to plan, this is going to be a bigger project than I anticipated.  I believe it’s do-able though since I average about 3 mins per crane so I will need to dedicate about an hour each night, or really 7 hours a week so I can fold more on the weekends and not have to spend all of time after work folding.  If my family helps out one day then it will also help me out a LOT and we should definitely be able to finish by the new year.

Why the new year, since my wedding isn’t until July?  Because I need a deadline or it will be drawn out and end up lingering longer than it needs to.  I like having deadlines and a set amount of work to finish by the deadlines.  I enjoy making lists and crossing things off the list, especially if I have something physical (like 1000 cranes) to show for it.

I might need to order some larger origami paper so I can also have some larger cranes as accents, but since my goal is to keep this wedding low budget, I might not be able to squeeze in the extra paper.  I might try finding some brightly colored magazine pages to use, or try spray painting the finished cranes, but I have NO idea how spray painting origami works out.  Anyone ever tried it, or seen someone else try it? I might just need to do a test run and see how it turns out.

I’ll keep everyone updated on how the crane folding goes 🙂

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