Personalized Cocktail Napkins

Since I’m trying to save money on the wedding, I’m trying to personalize as much as possible so it doesn’t seem like everything is cheap and potentially tacky.  I also refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for something that is personalized when I can easily take the time and do it myself (with help of family members and friends).

I want personalized cocktail napkins, at least for the dessert/candy buffet.  I think it would be a cute addition to the table and I found some online tutorials to easily do it myself.  After I find some affordable napkins, I’ll purchase them and then find the best way to personalize them to get the look that I want.

I’ve seen tutorials on embossing but since I have never done it before, I don’t feel the need to try on napkins since it seems like something that would make me VERY frustrated if I couldn’t get it to work (and potentially VERY messy).  The simplest way seems to be to buy a rubber stamp, some good water-resistant ink, and stamp them.  I’d like to have a cute little image with our names and/or date under it.  I’m not sure on the image yet, but I’ll have to take a peek at different stamps and find one that fits our decorations.

These aren't for a wedding, but I love the simple bright colored napkins with black ink. They look amazing and I could see us having brightly colored napkins with a beautiful font that has our names on it or a cute wedding quote.

These napkins are simple and elegant and we could reuse the Monogram stamp on many other parts of the wedding ( thank-yous, etc.)

I love these ones! I love the colors and the monogram and the text below it. I probably won't have any variation on my napkins though, they will all have the same stamp(s).

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  1. thefunkyjunkie
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 13:06:09

    Cute idea! 🙂 I have a feeling rubber stamps are going to be my best friend throughout all this wedding planning biz.


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