Wine Bottle Centerpieces

One of the first wedding DIY projects I stumbled upon was the painted wine bottles on ruffled blog.  I love everything about these, from the eco-friendliness to the actual colors and the flowers they put in them!

Click image for source.

There is nothing I don’t love about these and I plan on doing something very similar for my wedding.  I’ll be using recycled alcohol bottles (like vodka, rum, etc.) since my mom works at a restaurant with a full bar so she can collect them for me for free.  I haven’t decided on the colors yet, but I’ll either go with the full rainbow (red, orange, yellow, blue, green… probably not purple) or just stick with our wedding colors of red, blue/aqua and some orange.  I would love to either put bright colored origami-style flowers in them or I’ll purchase some bright flowers from the farmer’s market a couple days before.


Image via Magpie Paperworks. Click image for source.

I also really like the above vases that create a marbled look on the inside of the glass instead of painting the outside.   Magpie Paperworks has also listed directions on how to create this effect.  Very simple and it turned out looking awesome!

I love these! Click image for source.

I can see the above vases being stenciled with mine and fiance’s name with our wedding date.  These are so cute!

Click image for source.

I love the faux milkglass!  It looks amazing with the bright colored flowers.  This is another option, to let the flowers bring the bright colors and have the vases be  a backdrop.  It looks elegant and amazing.

Click image for source.

Love love love this!  It’s the same principle of above where you create faux milkglass, but this takes a simple vase (or reused glass bottle) and you create the dots to make it look more like traditional milkglass vases.  Awesome idea!

I think my favorite is still the first images with the brightly painted bottle.  I would love to incorporate a little of the last post and use puffy paint to make our initials on the bottles before painting.  Leaving them simple and brightly colored gives more options for re-selling or reusing after the wedding though.  I wouldn’t want to stare at our initials on a vase every day and I’m sure nobody else would want to either!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kelly Jean
    Apr 29, 2011 @ 17:12:31

    I am using milk glass as my wedding vases. I have managed to find 54 vases so far at thrift stores. I have currently only spent around 30 bucks. only 6 more to go.

    Wedding Sept 3rd 2011


    • weddingftw
      Apr 30, 2011 @ 05:51:41

      That’s awesome! I love milk glass and think it would look awesome at a wedding! And only spending 30 bucks so far is awesome. I’m going the painted wine/liquor bottle route only because I can get the bottles for free and I found the perfect colored spray paint to match our colors.

      Congrats on your engagement and have fun finding the last few vases!


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