My first DIY/kusudama

Single Flowers from Folding Trees. I'll upload my photos into the post later.

My first DIY project I started a couple of weeks ago was to start making kusudama out of recycled magazine pages.  It’s relatively easy to do, gives me something to preoccupy myself with while I’m watching t.v. and it’s FREE since I have everything already.  It’s also “green” and eco-conscious since I am reusing something that would potentially end up in the trash anyways.  I know I can recycle magazines, but I prefer to UP-cycle and reuse things instead since a lot of energy goes into recycling.

I have been mixing up the flower petal colors so each individual flower has a wide range of color and texture.  I love the result and each individual flower looks awesome.  After I had finished just about enough flowers to make the first kusudama I realized that when I put all of the flowers together they blend together and you can’t read the individual flowers anymore.  I’m not sure if this has only happened to me and if it is because most of my magazine pages are darker colors, but I realized I need to start making flower petals with similar colors so each flower will read as an individual when I put them all together.  I think I’ll also need to get some paper that is solid color so I can add pops of individual colors to mix it up.  I want to make some with really bright colors also, such as red or orange and possibly blues but I don’t currently have any paper on hand that I can use.  I’m on the lookout to see if I can find some affordable bright-colored paper that I can use for these flowers and possibly origami cranes that I’m considering making.

I followed the instructions provided by Folding Trees, which made it very easy to get right on making the flower petals.  I cut down the magazines to be 3” x 3” squares and I think this is the ideal size for either pomanders for the end of the aisle, for bouquets, or to have as other decorations.

I haven’t decided 100% what I will do with these, but options are to add a ribbon loop and have them be pomanders at the end of the aisles, make them into bouquets for me and/or my bridesmaids, give them stems and possibly leaves and place them in vases (or in my case, recycled wine/alcohol bottles), or make half a kusudama and have it as a centerpiece on the tables.  My fiance is also going to play with them and see about putting LEDs and twinkly LEDs in the flowers to make them light up.  I’ll definitely post how they turn out after he has time to mess around with them.  The LEDs will be battery-operated so we can put them on tables or have my bouquet light up.  Until I figure out exactly what I want to do, I’m leaving them all as individual flowers so the possibilities are endless.

The individual flowers put together in a ball. This could be made into a pomander instead of a bouquet.

Phone Photo1

Photo of two of the flowers. I took it with my phone so it's pretty low resolution and bad lighting.

Three of the flowers sitting on my desk. Again a low-resolution and poor lighting photo from my phone.


Does anyone else have any ideas how I can use these at my wedding ceremony and/or reception?

(My camera battery is dead, so I’ll have to come back and upload photos of my flowers later.)

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