70 Origami Cranes

70 mini cranes DONE! Sorry for another low-resolution image, I STILL can't find my camera battery charger!



1000 Origami Cranes – Number One


First phone blog post so we will see how it goes! I have some small 2.5 inch square colored copy paper so I decided to start practicing making origami cranes. I’ve attached a photo of the first attempt. Since the paper is so small it was difficult and the crane is only about an inch large (each square on my mat is one inch.. for scale in the photo). I definitely need a lot more practice and this is going to take forever! Good thing I bought real origami paper that should be easier to fold.

Personalized Cocktail Napkins

Since I’m trying to save money on the wedding, I’m trying to personalize as much as possible so it doesn’t seem like everything is cheap and potentially tacky.  I also refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for something that is personalized when I can easily take the time and do it myself (with help of family members and friends).

I want personalized cocktail napkins, at least for the dessert/candy buffet.  I think it would be a cute addition to the table and I found some online tutorials to easily do it myself.  After I find some affordable napkins, I’ll purchase them and then find the best way to personalize them to get the look that I want.


Feather Bouquets

While I’m posting about Bouquet Ideas, I’ll add a quick post about feather bouquets.  These are also amazing!  I don’t think they fit in the style with my wedding but they look AWESOME so I had to share!

All of these photos are from http://www.emplume.com/ so click on any of them to check out their website.

Elegant Black and White. Love it!


Bead Bouquet Idea

LOVE this! Click on image to be directed to Etsy seller.

Love love love!

I just had to make a quick post to say how much I LOVE this bouquet!  It’s not within my budget but OMG I LOVE IT!!

Alternative Guestbook Ideas

I’ve only given a little bit of thought to what my guestbook will be, but I know one thing for sure… that I want something more than just a book of signatures. Yes, it would be nice to know exactly who came to my wedding, but I also want people to leave something more. I’m thinking of somehow making a prompt for people to write more… such as to give us some tips for a happy marriage, advice, or their favorite memory of us… something other than just a signature! I also want a project that I can do myself and add a little personal flair.


Wine Bottle Centerpieces

One of the first wedding DIY projects I stumbled upon was the painted wine bottles on ruffled blog.  I love everything about these, from the eco-friendliness to the actual colors and the flowers they put in them!

Click image for source.

There is nothing I don’t love about these and I plan on doing something very similar for my wedding.  I’ll be using recycled alcohol bottles (like vodka, rum, etc.) since my mom works at a restaurant with a full bar so she can collect them for me for free.  I haven’t decided on the colors yet, but I’ll either go with the full rainbow (red, orange, yellow, blue, green… probably not purple) or just stick with our wedding colors of red, blue/aqua and some orange.  I would love to either put bright colored origami-style flowers in them or I’ll purchase some bright flowers from the farmer’s market a couple days before.


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