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The plan is to have my younger cousin be our wedding photographer. Before you scream “YIKES” I’ll note that he is a semi-professional and had his own photography business until recently. I think he basically lost his love of taking photos since dealing with bitchy brides who want their photos NOW can get pretty stressful. I’ve seen his photos and know he will do a good job and since he’s family, I’m guessing he’ll cut us a good deal. To make sure he can enjoy himself at our wedding also, I’m trying to determine whether or not we should hire a second photographer. I also don’t want to make him feel like we don’t think he will do a good job, because I’m confident he will, I just don’t want him to feel like he has to only be a “photographer” for the night and not be our guest also. I don’t know if I have the budget to hire another photographer either.  I’ve looked at some other options to get candid shots of my guests throughout the night.

I have always liked the idea of having disposable cameras on the tables so we can catch the candid shots of our guests throughout the evening while they’re [hopefully] having fun. These have a lot of drawbacks too. One problem is the quality of photos. The typical disposable “wedding cameras” are cheap and make crappy photos. I also don’t want to pay a potential ton of money for something that gives me mediocre photos or that people won’t even use.

An option similar to having the disposable cameras on the table is to have a cheap digital camera hanging out and asking guests to use it to take photos and then put it back on the table.  One problem is that the camera could easily walk away and then I wouldn’t get any of the photos (hey.. I’m not saying my guests are thieves, but I don’t know who THEIR guests will be so it’s better to play it safe).  I could also provide a disposable camera but again, the photo quality would lack and then we would also have to get it developed.  I love the ease of digital!

Provide a camera for all to share. It could be digital or disposable.

Since I want to have a photobooth (see previous post), I think it’s a good way to get photos of MOST of my guests, but I know a few of my family members that probably won’t use it. I’m hoping the photobooth works out so I can get awesome photos of people.

Another option to get the candid shots is to ask the guests to bring their digital photos or use their camera phones to take photos and then upload them after the wedding or before they leave by using a laptop. I think using a laptop to nab guests photos before they leave is a good idea to get most photos, but something that would take coordination and having someone man the laptop the whole night to make sure people actually dump their photos.

A similar option is to provide a self-addressed and stamped CD “case” with a blank CD inside that guests can take home, burn their photos, and mail back to us. I think we should provide a few of these in addition to another option.

My favorite option is to set up an online account by using Flikr, Shutterfly, iRave, or similar and give guests reminders to upload their photos when they get home. I’m 98% sure I’m going to go this route so guests can also see photos that other people post (and hopefully download a copy for themselves?). I’ve rounded up a few examples to help me decide on wording and what type of cute little image I can put on them. Likely they will be set up on the tables, possibly handed out if we do any additional favors, and sent in the Thank-You cards after the wedding.

A simple option that gets straight to the point. Directions of how to upload go on the back.

I like how this one is simple and to the point, but I would worry that my guests wouldn't pay attention to it. I think they might need to "pop" more. Sorry, I lost the original post to the card above so I can't post the Source!

All of the information is on the front, which leaves the back to have something cute on the back.

I love how this one is simple, has info on the front, and has a cute little design so people would notice it. Sorry, I lost the original post to the image above too! The downside of just saving everything to my bookmarks first is that I sometimes lose the original post.

I love this one! This is just the backside, but I like the look of it.

This one is too cute!

Simple and cute. I also like the option of just e-mailing the photos instead of uploading.

I like that it is short and to the point.

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