Photobooth Idea

While looking through other wedding websites (aka Wedding Porn) I came across a wedding that had a photobooth at their reception. It was a booth like you see in the mall, which printed out 4 photos in a strip. I LOVE this idea but since our wedding budget is small I wasn’t sure how I could incorporate it into our wedding. Some other ideas are to use Polaroid cameras, but the film can get pretty expensive and would only make one copy. I want something that will give our guest a copy AND leave a copy for us after the wedding.

Behold, the DIY Photobooth! (Complete with instructions)
All you really need to set it up:
1. Computer
2. Webcam or laptop with a built-in webcam
3. PartyBooth photo booth software
4. Printer that prints 4×6 photos
5. 4×6 photo paper
6. Table or something to put said computer, printer, and webcam on

According to the tutorial, it’s basically 5 simple steps for people to use it:
1. Sit & Pose
2. Press the space bar
3. Smile for all photos
4. Preview & Print. Press return to print.
5. Pick up your photo.

It would be simple to use, pretty inexpensive to create, and freaking awesome to have.

I also love that you can have a box of props so people can take silly photos and use different types of props. Some things I’ve seen used are moustaches on sticks, hats, smiley mouths on sticks, feather boas, and really anything else you can pick up for cheap or make yourself!

I am really in love with this idea and hope I can incorporate it into our reception (and budget). I think people would find it really fun and I would love to look through all of the photos after the wedding. It would make a really fun memory book, definitely something I would be proud to leave on our coffee table!

I’ll have to keep looking for some ideas of how to make it work best.

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