Colorful Wedding Dresses

So I’ve looked through A LOT of different wedding dresses online and I’ve found that my eyes area always drawn to ones that have at least some hint of color.  I don’t think I can do just a plain white wedding dress.  I’ll probably end up with a mostly white dress with some hopefully bright color flair, but I’ve decided to post some dresses that i’ve stumbled upon and bookmarked that I liked.  I looked at quinceanera dresses and they have a lot more fun colors and personality than a lot of the wedding dresses I looked at.  I think I really want a corset-style top so it will be snug like a bug, especially since I’m trying to lose some weight.  I don’t want any last minute alterations to stress about!  Plus, a corset that ties in the back is pretty sexy.

First off, I am IN LOVE with the dress below.  If my family wouldn’t freak out I would totally go for this.  I know it’s bright and wild, but so pretty!  I just love all red dresses with sparkles on them.

This dress is also a little to wild for me.  I want something with a little less decoration, but I like the mix of white and red.  It looks a little offwhite, but I would get a white gown.

This gown is simply amazing. I love the color, the decoration on the front.  I’m not a huge fan of the roses on the back or the bright buttons, but I like the overall look of this dress and the mixture of white and red.

I am in love with this dress also.  I love the pickups on the bottom and that it ties up the sides.  I love the decoration on the front and back

Look at the sides!

I had a dress I was completely in love with but I can’t find it on my bookmarks.  Good thing I’m putting this blog together so I can find things in the future as the date gets closer!  I also have more in my bookmarks that I’ll post later sometime (and yes I have a couple all plain white ones that I do like that I’ll post too).

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