Cupcake Tower instead of Cake

Ever since I came across the idea of having a cupcake tower instead of a cake, I was pretty sure that I want cupakes at my wedding.  I do want the top tier of the cake though so we can either cut the cake or save it for our 1 year anniversary or just so I can have a pretty cake topper to put on top.   Cupcakes are a lot more fun and less formal than having a regular tiered cake.  I also love the idea of having multiple flavors!

Some inspirational photos:

I am in LOVE with this cupcake and stand!  I love the bright colors and the cake on top.  WANT!

I like the colors, but I don’t like the frosting on the cupcakes.  I like the simple yet quirky top tier.

I like the tower with the ribbon a lot but all of the yellow makes me nauseous.  Way too much yellow.

I like the offset holders for this.  Not a huge fan of the actual cupcakes though, but the stand is awesome!

I love with this cupcake stand! Not really the other decor, but the stand itself is awesome!

I am in LOVE with this one!  I’m not sure of the logistics on how to get the cupcakes out (probably rotate the tray?) but this is AWESOME!!!!!

Okay, I’m done for now but I’m sure I’ll be posting more photos about cupcakes and/or cakes.

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