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The plan is to have my younger cousin be our wedding photographer. Before you scream “YIKES” I’ll note that he is a semi-professional and had his own photography business until recently. I think he basically lost his love of taking photos since dealing with bitchy brides who want their photos NOW can get pretty stressful. I’ve seen his photos and know he will do a good job and since he’s family, I’m guessing he’ll cut us a good deal. To make sure he can enjoy himself at our wedding also, I’m trying to determine whether or not we should hire a second photographer. I also don’t want to make him feel like we don’t think he will do a good job, because I’m confident he will, I just don’t want him to feel like he has to only be a “photographer” for the night and not be our guest also. I don’t know if I have the budget to hire another photographer either.  I’ve looked at some other options to get candid shots of my guests throughout the night. More


Let’s Talk About Color

There are tons of color combinations to choose from for wedding colors.  For the reception I want tons of BRIGHT colors.  I’m talking bright blues, reds, oranges, yellows, and the like.  I don’t want to look like a pinata walking down the aisle and decorating the ceremony venue is limited, so I’ll save the potential bright colors for the reception.  I also don’t want it to look like a rainbow exploded/threw up so I’m thinking about narrowing it down to 2 or 3 colors.

Aqua is one of my favorite colors so I want to incorporate it or at least some sort of blue.

Red is just plain awesome, especially for a wedding color.  Red + White + Black = amazing.  It might be a little overdone though.  Tons of brides have red on their dress or as an accent.  I want to be a little different.

Orange is awesome too.  It’s bright and goes well with Aqua or Blue to make an awesome mixture of color.

I’m thinking maybe I’ll do Aqua and Red and Orange together but it’s not set in stone.  I think I might do the majority of accents in Aqua/blue and Red and then maybe add other touches of orange.  I might then add other pops of bright colors into the reception, like Yellow and Green and maybe even Purple and Pink.  Again, I don’t want it to look like a rainbow exploded or I’m trying to put on a crazy rave.

I have some photo inspiration below.  Something to keep in mind when I’m looking at colors. More

Christmas Ornament Bouquet – Option 2

I stumbled across another Christmas ornament bouquet and I love this one even more than the first!

Seriously those are AMAZING!  I would love to have one for me that has my wedding colors (maybe red and aqua/blue? or orange too?) and then have my bridesmaids have the full colors.  Love love love!

Best part of all? Offbeat Bride has a tutorial! It even has LED lights in it! Ahhh Love it!!!!

Lego Boutonnieres

My fiance and I both love Legos and grew up playing with them so I’m trying to find a way to include them in our wedding.  I have to incorporate Legos somehow!  I stumbled upon the idea of making Lego Boutonnieres and love it!  Of course, I wouldn’t just rip off this person’s idea and make it identical, but I love the idea and it would be fun to make something similar.

Source on Offbeat Bride

I love how they are all different so theoretically I could choose the lego guy that would best fit the person wearing it.  Love it!

Paper Lanterns and LED Throwies

I love being outdoors and since my wedding will be in July, it’s only natural to have at least part of the wedding outdoors. I was contemplating an outdoor ceremony, but being in Western Washington, the weather doesn’t always cooperate and it would be a lot easier to deal with rain on the reception than on the ceremony. I haven’t nailed down the reception location yet due to finding a place that meets all of our needs, but I’m looking into city parks where there will hopefully be electricity and some sort of picnic shelters so there’s a bit of cover if it does rain. The reception will likely start late afternoon and go into the night, so I’ve started thinking about what we will do for lighting. We will probably need some additional lighting so people can see what they’re doing, but I also want some accent lighting that has a bit of a wow-factor.


Photobooth Idea


Colorful Wedding Dresses

So I’ve looked through A LOT of different wedding dresses online and I’ve found that my eyes area always drawn to ones that have at least some hint of color.  I don’t think I can do just a plain white wedding dress.  I’ll probably end up with a mostly white dress with some hopefully bright color flair, but I’ve decided to post some dresses that i’ve stumbled upon and bookmarked that I liked.  I looked at quinceanera dresses and they have a lot more fun colors and personality than a lot of the wedding dresses I looked at.  I think I really want a corset-style top so it will be snug like a bug, especially since I’m trying to lose some weight.  I don’t want any last minute alterations to stress about!  Plus, a corset that ties in the back is pretty sexy. More

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